Components of School Safety

Components of School Safety

Components of School Safety

The primary education in Assam has considerable scope for development in the field of infrastructure. Majority of the State’s primary schools with classes l-VIll do not have proper basic facilities such as drinking water, toilet, library and other necessary facilities. We will discuss briefly the problems pertaining to our education

Insufficient Teacher in Educational Institutions:

A sufficient and eligible teacher is an utmost important to run an educational Institution smoothly. The Lower Primary school generally consists of class I to class V having different subjects, like Drawing. Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English, Hindi, Computer and Regional or Local Language literature. Moreover, games and music are also a part of Lower Primary School. If we are going through the subjects compositions in Lower Primary Schools, a sufficient with the qualified teacher is needed to supply ingredient to the children. In order to raise the standard of teaching methodology, the Government of

Assam has made D.El.Ed. and B.Ed. degree compulsory for teachers from primary to higher secondary level. Due to lack of teacher, lack of appropriate classroom, mere lecture method and other educational infrastructural facilities in the lower classes increases the dropout rate and these children who choose for dropout belong to the poor family background. In Assam, the school and teacher ratio are not as per the RTE norms, therefore, to make the class interesting and interactive sufficient teaching aids and modern technological equipment is needed. Moreover, suficient teacher is needed for the well-functioning of the school.

Shortfall of Basic Amenities:

The excellence of primary school contributes such as basic classroom facilities, class materials etc. also affect school enrolment, attendance
and completion rates. The quality of instruction depends as well on the availability of adequate and culturally relevant textbook, suitable writing materials for students, such as pencil and workbook, as well as teaching aids, such as maps and blackboards. The schools should mandatorily make good practice of utilizing the primary class materials provided under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan scheme.

Negligence on Computer Education:

The world is now slowly and gradually becoming digitalized due to a constant development of Science and Technology. The advancement in the field of computer technology is great contribution to the human society as because a large number of activities can be done by sitting at home through the use of the internet.

Today’s generation is all about E-Commerce, E-Government, E-Banking and so on. In Assam, apart from the private schools and few government schools, the rest of the government and government aided schools are not equipped with sufficient computer facility and adequate computer education.

Computer education should be made compulsory in the government and
government aided schools as students of poor economic background cannot afford the cost for the private institutions and thus will be deprived of these facilities.

Poor Economic Background:

The education sector is one the largest job providers in Assam and this sector should focus on attracting students from a poor economic background as employment is the final goal for the students of poor economic background. A state like Assam, which is not industrially developed have people mainly depending on service sector for getting a government job. People expect employment after completion of a certain formal education. Most people in less developed nations do not demand education for its essential non-economic benefits but simply because it is the only means of securing modern sector employment.

School infrastructure includes various components of physical structures such as school building, playground, classroom, school sanitation facilities, maintenance of water bodies if present within or near the school premises, electrical and fire safety
mechanisms, school transport etc. We will here examine some of the best possible guidelines in order to ensure and maintain a safe school infrastructure, where students will be safe and secure.

  1. Components of School Safety : INFRASTRUCTURE
  2. Components of School Safety : HEALTH AND HYGIENE
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