Correlatives Conjunctions

Correlatives Conjunctions বা Correlatives কাহাকে বলে ?

English Grammar, Correlatives Conjunctions বা Correlatives কাহাকে বলে ?

Both Jatin and Rabin are responsible for this.  Either he or his brother will go.

উপরের প্রথম Sentence টিতে ”Both” এর সঙ্গে ‘and’ Conjunction ও দ্বিতীয়টিতে ‘Either’ -এর সঙ্গে ‘or’ Conjunction -টি ব্যবহৃত হইয়া একটি Conjunction -এর কাজ করিতেছে।  এই ধরনের কিছু Conjunction জোড়া হিসাবে বসে। এইগুলিকে Correctives বলা হয়। নীচে কয়েকটি Correctives দেখানো হইল: –

(1) Both-and : Both Ram and Sham were absent.

(2) Either-or : Either a pen or a pencil will do.

(3) Neither-nor : Neither Rahim nor Karim was present.

Note: (i) দুই বা ততোধিক Singular noun বা pronoun কে either-or বা neither-nor দ্বারা সংযুক্ত করিলে Verb টি Singular number হয়।

Either Gita or Rita has done it. Neither Ram or Hari is guilty.

(ii) Either-or,  either-nor দ্বারা সংযুক্ত করা noun বা pronoun -এর number যদি পৃথক পৃথক হয় তাহা হইলে Plural noun বা pronoun টি Verb এর পাশে বসে এবং Verb টি plural number হয় ; Either Jadu or his brothers have done it. Neither the father nor the son were invited.

(iii) পৃথক পৃথক person এর দুই বা ততোধিক noun বা pronoun কে either-or, neither-nor দ্বারা সংযুক্ত করিলে Verb টি তার পাশে থাকা noun বা pronoun অনুসারে হয়৷

Either you or your brother is guilty. Neither he nor I have done it.

4) Whether-or: I do not know whether he will come or not.

(5) Not only-but also: He is not only poor but also idle.

(6) No less-than: He is no less wicked than you.

(7) No sooner -than: No sooner had he gone out of the house than the woman began to cry. No sooner did we reach the station than the train started.

Note : No sooner -এর পরই had ও did এই দুইটি Auxiliary verb- এর যে কোনো একটা বসে।

8) Scarcely (hardly)-before (when). We had scarcely (or hardly) left the house when (or before) it began to rain.

(9) So-that: He is so weak that he cannot walk.

(10) Other-than: He is no other than our principal.

(11) Rather-than: I would rather beg than steal.

(12) Such-as: He gave me such things as I required.

(13) The same- as: This is the same book as that.

(14) The same-that: This is the same man that stole my watch.

(15) As-as: He was as brave as Alexander, the great.

(16) As-So: As you sow so will you reap.

(17) Though-yet: Though he says so, yet I cannot believe him.

কখনও yet লুপ্ত থাকিতে পারে : Though he is poor, he is honest.

Correlatives Conjunctions

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