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1. Write a letter to your friend about your favourite hobby.


My dear Sushanta,
Your letter is an object of joy for me. Many thanks for it. You desire me to let you know if I have any hobby and if so, what it is. Well I have a hobby and it is stamp-collecting. I can’t tell you exactly how I came to develop. The first inspiration came from my youngest maternal uncle. He is a much-travelled man. He had travelled extensively in different ,countries in his official capacity. He had a good stock of stamps of different countries of the world. I have got good many stamps from him. I have affixed them in my album. Whenever I get a new stamp, I collect it and treasure it up in my album of stamps. My brothers and sisters think it queer. But to me, they are very valuable. These stamps tell me a lot about different countries of the world. They are a source of interest and joy to me.

When we meet next, I shall show you my album. I am sure you will like it. No more today. I am quite all right. How are you? With all my love and best wishes.

Your loving friend,


Sri Sushanta Kar C/o. Prof. S.C. Kar,
Santipara, P.O. Dibrugarh, Assam

2. Write a letter to your friend describing the last prize giving ceremony of your school.


My dear Sumita,
Your cheery letter is just to hand,. I am pleased to hear of your grand performance in the Annual Sports of your school. we had our annual prize-giving ceremony on Monday last.

The prize-giving ceremony was held in a befitting manner. A pandal was erected in the spacious yard of the school. The dais was finely decoraied.

The inspector of Schools, Nagaon District Circle presided over e function. He was given a hearty reception on his arrival. ne local M.L.A. was the guest of honour. The function began ne singing of an opening song. The Headmistress read
Out the annual report of the scho0ol. Next an interesting programme songs, recitation and comic was gone through. It was a vening programme. The President gave away the prizes and a short speech. The guest of honour also made a speech befitting the occasion. Next, the AssIstant Headmistress gave a Vote of thanks of the chair and the ceremony came to an end with the singing of the National Anthem. This is all about our annual prize-giving ceremony.

I am quite all right. Hope you are also pulling well. With love and best wishes,

Your loving friend,


3. Write a letter to your friend telling him how you are getting on with your studies.


My dear Avijit,
Very glad to receive your letter this morning. It has pleased me much to know that you have done well in your annual examination.

You are very eager to know my progress in studies since the Test Examination. You will be glad to know that I have made satistactory progress in all the subjects.

My progress in English is quite satisfactory. I have thorougly prepared answers to all broad, short and very short answer-type questions. I have made similar preparation in General Science. I have made considerable progress in Bengali too. I am always good at Mathematics. I do not worry about this subject. am sure of scoring more than 80% marks in both General Mathematics and Adv. Mathematics. At the moment, I have been busy with Elective Sanskrit. But my worry centres round Social Studies. It is quite a new subject for us. Besides, the course is so vast. But I have been trying my best to tackle this subject.

If I can maintain this rate of progress, I am sure, I shall be able to cut a very good figure in the H.S.L.C. Examination.

With my love and best wishes to you.

Your loving friend.


4. Write a letter to your friend inviting him to a picnic party.


My dear Babu,
I have not heard from you for a long time. I hope you are hale and hearty. I have an interesting news to convey to you. All the girls of our class have decided to go out to Bashistha for a picnic on the New Year’s day. Our History teacher will accompany us as the guide. We shall start by bus at 7 A.M. from our school compound and come back in the evening. Bashistha is a very nice and ideal place for picnic. The beauty of the place is soothing to the eyes. The water of the fountain following with a gentle murmuring sound is so refreshing. We shall spend the whole day there running, singing and dancing. interesting. We shall be very happy if you join will be us that day.

Please do come and bring with you your camera which you got as a birth-day present from your uncle. Hoping that you will not fail to comply with.

Yours loving friend,


5. Write a letter to your friend describing your favourite author.


My dear Badal,
Your leter is just to hand. You have asked me to let you know about my favourite author. I am jotting down a few lines about the author I like best.

Of all the authors, I still consider Sarat Chandra, the Dickens of Bengal, as my favourite author. I love him simply because he has written in a very appealing and vivid way on the lives and problems of the common man of Bengal. No other writer has discussed the social problems so Sincerely. His style of writing is homely and touches the human heart. He was a true patriot who responded to the call of Deshabandhu Chittaranjan. His Sabyasachi, hero of the novel Pather Dabi is an ideal Character of a true revolutionary. He discussed various problems of our society in a very realistic manner to inspire the oppressed and the downtrodden people to revolt against the existing sys stem the society which was under the full control of the Landlores and the conservative Brahmins. His woman characters are fine pictures of reality. Indeed, Sarat Chandra was a great social reformer. So I consider him as my favourite author.

No more today. I am pulling on well. How are you ? With my love and best wishes.

Yours ever.

6. Write a letter to your friend suggesting a plan for a holiday excursion.


My dear Asit,
Many many thanks to you for your loving letter congratulating me on my success at the Half-yearly examination. You will be glad to know that we have decided to go Shillong, the capital of the Meghalaya on the New Year’s Day.

We shall start from Paltanbazar bus station by the Meghalaya. State Transport bus at 6.15. We shall reach Shillong in about 4 hours. The Headmaster of the Jail Road Boys’ High school has kindly consented to allot two class rooms of the school for our stay. We shall visit the different beautiful places of the hilly town. We shall pay a visit to the Ramkrishna Mission and the resident monk has kindly consented to talk to us at the Pathabhawan. We shall also visit the campus of the N.E.H. University. We shall also be visiting the state owned cement factory at Cherrapunji next day. I think it will be a very pleasant trip.

I hope that you will not fail to accompany us, provided your parents permit you to do so.

Please do come and join us. It will be so good and interesting 10 have you amongst us.

With my love and best wishes.

Yours ever,


7. Write a letter of in invitation to your friend on the occasion of your birth-day.


My dear Anjan,
My birth-day comes off on the 16th of this month. I like to invite some of my friends to celebrate the occasion. You are one of them. Three of my friends have given their consent to come. I hope that you too will give us the pleasure of your kind company. Surely the warmth of your company will enliven the birth-day ceremony. Every-one of our family is eager to see you. So, you must not fail to come. If you do not come, I shall be very sorry. As the 16th is a holiday, you can easily come, only if you like. My brother will go to your house by the 8-30 train to bring you to our place. Do come, please. Hope you will turn up in time.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

1. Write a letter to your fiend telling him or her how you have prepared for your H.S.L.C. Examination. State in your letter:

a) How many hours a day you study. (b) Which subjects you find easy and which you find ditficult. (c) How you hope to do in the examination.



My dear Sudhangshu,
Many many thanks for your cheery note. It gives me pleasure to Know that you have so high hopes about my success in the H.S.L.C. Examination. As desired by you, I am just giving you an idea of my progress and preparation. As the course is heavy, I have been studying ten hours a day. I devote the early morning hours to memorising questions. At present, in working out the papers on General Mathematics and English I from the Test Papers. I have prepared well in English, Bengali and Elective Sanskrit. I have revised almost all the lessons. But have been busy I find it difficult to cope with General Mathematics and General Science. But what worries me most is Social Studies. I dread this subject most. However, I have been trying my best to make up my deficiency in this subject. By the time the examination is held, I shall be able to prepare myself well in all the subjects.

I do not know how I shall fare. I do not want to be Over-optimistic. I can only assure you that I shall try to do my best.

With my love and best wishes

Your loving friend,

8. Write a short letter to your friend who is ill. Ask him how he is now and wish him a speedy recovery

Lakshmi Union High School

My dear Rita,
Your kind letter is just to hand. It is really sad that you have fallen ill when your annual examination is round the corner. Did you keep late hours at night for preparation ? My anxiety Knows on bounds. How are you now? Have you consulted a doctor ? Are you taking medicine regularly ? Do you feel better now.

But mind you, don’t think too much of your examination ana ness. You have been regular in studies all the year round. SO you need not be anxious. May you recover fast from your 1lness. May God help you to come round as soon as posS101 Hope this letter will find you quite right.

Wishing you a most speedy recovery.

Yours ever,

9. A friend lent you a book you needed. Write a letter to her returning the book and thanking her for lending it. Tell her how the book has helped you.


My dear Madhumita,
Do not misunderstand me for my silence for about a month. I could not write to you as our H.S.L.C. Test Examination was going on. As the examination is over, I 1ake this earliest opportunity to write to you. Many many thanks to you for lending me your English Grammar book. The book reached me well time made good use of this book. It has helped me much in my English Second Paper. You know well that our English Grammar book which has been prescribed for us by the Education Board and published by the Text I is brief and fragmentary. Besides, it does not deal with all the topics. It also leaves English composition out of its ambit. But your book is really a boon for me. It deals with the entire English Second Paper-Grammar, Translation and Composition. As the book is not available in our locality please procure a copy for me and send it by post. I am sending back your book by Registered Post.

I am well. How are you? Please do write to me.
With love and best wishes.

Yours ever,

10. Read the letter below and send a reply to it.


My dear Swapan,
I have not received any letter Irom you lor more than a month or so. What’s the matter with you ? I  consider you as my bosom Iriend. So your long silence pains me very much. Are you ill ? Perhaps you can’t realise my warm feelings for you. May I expect a few lines from you by return of post ? I am very much anxious for you and a reply to my letter will relieve my anxiety.

With love and best wishes.




My dear Kamal,
Your letter is just to hand. I am extremely glad at the friendly feelings you have for me. I am really to blame for my long silence. But that was not intentional at all. If you come to know the cause of my silence, I am sure, you won’t accuse me thus. I had been to Howli near Barpeta to see my uncle who fell seriously ill. I was there for over a fortnight. So I could not write to you. As you consider me your bosom friend, you should not take me amiss for this silence. There is no scope of misunderstanding between you and me. However, I promise to compensate my silence by writing to you at least once a fortnight.

More when we meet. I am quite all right. How are you ?
With love and best wishes.

Yours ever,

11. Read the following letter and write a reply to it.


My dear Subhas,
I am anxious to know how you have done in the examination. 1 am sure that you will come out successful, still I shall not get over my anxiety until you write to me that you have done well in all the subjects and papers. So please reply as early as possible. Also let me know all about your experience in the examination hall.

Trust you are keeping good health.



My dear Tapash,
Many, many thanks for your loving letter of the 22nd instant. Our examination was over day before yesterday. To satisfy your curiosity, I am writing how I did in the examination. Some of the papers were stiff and difficult, but I am glad to inform you that I did fairly good in all the papers. I hope to secure a good figure in the examination.

You want to know about my experience in the examination hall. Well, here it is. On the first day, I entered the hall and sat in my allotted seat well before time. I was waiting with a feeling of fear and nervousness. As the question paper was handed over to me, I quickly glanced over it. My hands were trembling, so to say. It seemed to me that I could not answer a single question. But soon I got over this feeling of nervousness. I found that I could answer most of the questions. I am glad to tell you that I did good. I had no fecling of nervousness on the other days.

No more today. How are you? I am pulling on well. Convey my best regards to your father and mother, and love to your brother and sister.

With best of love and good wishes.

Your loving friend,

12. Read the following letter and write a reply to it.


Dear Ranjan,
I sent you a telegram wishing your success in the examination. Did you get it? I am sure you are gOing to do very well. It will be my turn to appear in the same examination next year. But I am afraid, I won’t be able to face it with confidence. Somebody should help me with a bit of advice and I think you are the right person for it.

Please tell me how you prepared for the examination. How nany hours a day did you study ? Did you get ume tor games and other amusements ? Many students work too hard and do not care for any recreation or physical exercise. Don’t you think it is bad for health? Which subject did you find difficult ? Were you nervous before the examination

Please write to me as soon as your examination is Over. Give your parents my loving regards.




My dear Kamal,
Very glad to receive your telegram wishing my success in the cxaminatíon. Thank you for your good wishes.
  My examination is stil on. I hopeIshall be able to do tolerably in all the subjects and papers. You have wanted my advice but what can I tell you? One thing that I can say is that regularity is the golden key that opens the door of success. Reading by fits and starts will not help you. Read regularly four or five hours a day. I used to read two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening regularly and I felt no need to go late hours even on the days of the examination. I find some of my friends toiling much, they even don’t find any time tor recreation or play. This is certainly bad for health. It tells n our health. So, please try to have some kind of recreation. This will give you fresh energy and enthusiasm. Have some exercise every mo- rning. General Mathematics was the most dreaded subject for me but by constant practice I have overcome the difficulty.

Yours ever,

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