Oh, look at the moon

Oh, Look at the Moon | Class 4 Lesson 1

Oh look at the moon poem

Lesson 1

Oh, look at the moon

Oh, look at the moon
She is shining up there
Oh, Mother, she looks
Like a lamp in the air.

Last week she was smaller
And shaped like a bow
But now she’s grown bigger
And shaped like an 0′.

Oh look at the moon poem questions and answers


1. Let’s find how much we have understood:

a) What is the name of the poem’?
Ans:- The name of poem is Oh Look at the Moon.

b) What looks like a lamp in the air?

Ans:- The Moon looks like in the air.

c) What does the moon look like when she is smaller?
Ans:- Moon looks like a bow when she is smaller.

d) What does the moon look like when she grows bigger?
Ans:- Moon looks like an O when she grows bigger.

2. Let’s play with rhyming words:


3. Write the opposites of the underlined words:

Oh, look at the moon
She is shining up there

Ans:- She = He

Up = Down

4. Read aloud the following pairs of words:

before = after
beautiful = ugly
day = night
outside = inside
far = near
pick = throw

5. Think and say who I am:


I live in the sky.

Sometimes I’m small and
Sometimes I’m big.
I glow at night
Who am I?
I am the Moon


I live in the sky.
I twinkle at night. .
I’m not the moon.
Who am I?
I am a Star

I’m hot
I’ m bright
I’m big
I give light
Who am I?
I am the Sun

6. Read this paragraph written by Pooja. It describes what she saw one evening:

One evening I was looking at the sky. It was seven o clock in the evening. The moon was shining brightly. It looked Iike a bright lamp in the sky. I saw some stars too. Suddenly a shooting star flashed by.

Now, look at the pictures below and write a few sentences on each of them:

Oh, Look at the Moon

7. Read The Story :

8. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box:

at in to up

a) The wolf lived in a thick forest.

b) The wolf came to the stream to drink water.

c) The wolf shouted at the lamb.

d) The lamb looked up and saw the wolf.

9. Look at the picture and read the sentences in the bubbles aloud:

i`m going to the frighten the lamb

The wolf is trying to frighten me.

10. Say as fast as you can:

a) Wash  water wolf well went

b) The wicked wolf went to the well and washed his face with water.

c) A little lamb lay lazily on her mother’s lap.

d) The little lamb looked at his lovely legs.

11. at the picture and read :

Oh, Look at the Moon
Oh, Look at the Moon

12. Fill in the boxes with appropriate words:

longlonger longest
hot hotter hottest
bigbigger biggest
wisewiser wisest

13. a) Let’s read a few words with silent letters:

lamb tomb plumber
bomb comb crumb

13. b) Tick the word you hear:

i) lamp lamb

ii) dump dumb

14. Read the words on the whiteboard:

moon, bone , lamb, wolf,
forest, night , sheep
village , polite, smaller
Now, write them down in alphabetical order.
bone forest lamb, moon, night, polite, sheep, smaller village, wolf

15. Look at the pictures and read the sentences

Now, fill in the blanks choosing the correct word from the help box:

taller tall tallest

Juri is a tall girl.

Mili is taller than Juri.

Rini is the tallest of the three.


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