The Joy of Living

The Joy of Living, Class 5, Lesson 6 Notes Assam

The Joy of Living class 5 Questions Answers

The Joy of Living class 5 Questions AnswersThe Joy of Living is the lesson 6 from Beginners English class 5 SCERT, Assam. Here you can read The Joy of Living class 5 Questions Answers. 

The Joy of Living

The Joy of Living Beginners English Questions Answers

1. a) Give brief answers to the following questions:

i) For Which team did Tarun play ?

Ans: Tarun played for Team A. 

ii) How did Team “B” behave with Tarun at the beginning ?

Ans: The players of the Team B targeted Tarun from the beginning, they were always around him during the match and stopped him from kicking the ball by force and he was pushed to the ground several times.

iii) Did Tarun score a goal in the match ?

Ans: No, Tarun did not score any goal in the match.

iv) Why did not Tarun kick the ball ?

Ans: The goalkeeper of Team B was lying injured near the goal post so Tarun did not kick the ball. 

v) What did the referee say about Tarun’s action ?

Ans: He referee told the boys, “What Tarun did was quite right.”

1. b) Say whether the statements are true or false:

a) Tarun was the best player of Team B.

Ans: False

b) The match was played in the morning.

Ans: False

c) Tarun did not kick the ball because he felt sick.

Ans: False

d) The goalkeeper of Team B was injured.

Ans: True 

e) Tarun’s opposite team (Team B) is from a different town.

Ans:  False

2. Complete the sentences by choosing the correct word from the choices given:

a) I ______ come tomorrow morning. (shall come/have come/came).

Ans: I shall come tomorrow morning.

b) Tarun is a good player. He ______  at least one goal. (had scored/will score/scored)

Ans: Tarun is a good player. He will score at least one goal. 

c) We must hurry. Time ______  out. (was running/is running/will be running)

Ans: We must hurry. Time is running out.

d) We ______  the match tomorrow. (saw/will see/have seen)

Ans: We will see the match tomorrow.

e) Tarun ______  the goalkeeper lying injured. (saw/seen)

Ans: Tarun saw the goalkeeper lying injured.

The Joy of Living Questions Answers

3. Read the following sentences: 

a) It was ‘going to’ be a sure goal.

b) I am going to see you tomorrow.

We use ‘going to’ to express future time.

We can also rewrite these sentences using ‘shall’ / ‘will’ to express future time.

a) It will be a sure goal.

b) I shall see you tomorrow.

Now, rewrite the sentences below using ‘going to’:

a) If this continues, we shall going to lose the match.

b) Tomorrow’s match will going to be the most important.

c) Tarun and his team will going to win the match.

d) The referee will going to control the players of the match.

4. Make a few more sentences using the following as examples:

a) take off: He took off his shoes before entering the room. 

                   : He took off his football boots. 

b) going on: Our exams are going on

                   :Our test exam is going on.

c) Run out: We ran out of money

                   : He got run out in the match.

d) act fast: We must act fast to avoid the danger

                   : He act fast as he can to avoid danger.

e) touch the hearts: Her words touched the hearts of the audience

                     : Her speech touched the hearts of audience. 

5. Read the following two speeches:

a) The Principal’s speech:

Good morning, everyone!

We have with us today Dr. Aditya Goswami. We have invited her to talk to you students on drugs abuse. Give her a round of applause (everyone claps). Now, I request Dr. Goswami to deliver her speech.

The Joy of Living

b) Dr. Adity Goswami’s speech:

Respected Principal, staff and students.

I must thank the principal of the school for inviting me to speak to you on such an important topic. Students! Do you know what a drug is ? You must have seen signs with the word ‘Drug Store’. A drug store is another word for a pharmacy. So ‘drug’ means ‘medicine’. Doctors prescribe drugs for us to buy from a drug store. They also advise us on the quantity of medicine we have to use. Many people use pain killers, high blood pressure pills, sleeping tablets and so on. If they use more than what doctors prescribe, they are using the drug wrongly. Abuse means the wrong use of something. Improper use of drugs is called ‘Drug abuse’.

There are some types of drugs that doctors don’t prescribe. These are sold illegally at very high prices. They cause great harm to us. We must not use them. Let me tell you what happens when someone uses illegal drugs.

     i) They become a problem to the family.

     ii) If they are students, they lose their interest in studies, games and sport and spoil their health.

Therefore, students, remember to keep yourself away from illegal drugs.

6. Read the statements below and state whether each one is true or false. If it is true, circle the ‘T’ and if it is false, circle ‘F’:

a) People who use drugs spoil their health.

Ans: False

b)  Drug abuse results in good health.

Ans: False

c) Drug abuse is a wrong habit that we must always avoid.

Ans: True

d) Students who take drugs lose interest in their studies.

 Ans: True

7. Answer the following questions:

(a) What is the topic of Dr. Adity Goswami’s speech ?

Ans: The topic of Dr. Adity Goswami’s speech is”Drug abuse”.

(b) Name two medicine that can be brought at a drug store.

Ans: Hydrocodone and Atorvastatin.

(c) Give another word for the word ‘drug’.

Ans: The another word for drug is Medicine

(d) Give the meaning of ‘abuse’ in the expression ‘drug abuse’.

Ans: Abuse means the wrong use of something. Improper use of Drugs is called ‘drug abuse’.

8.  Work in groups. Make a chart showing at least three bad effects of drug abuse. You can draw or paste pictures to make your chart look attractive.

9. Roleplay.

Imagine Dr. Aditya Goswami has given a speech on cleanliness in your school during World Health Day.

Two students will play the roles of the Principal and Dr. Aditya Goswami. Others will ask questions about cleanliness to the principal and Dr. Goswami.

10. a) On the way to school Arun saw an artist drawing a poster on drug abuse. Let’s read the slogan on the poster:

10. b) Work in groups. Rearrange the words and write a slogan:

drugs of improper use result may in death

Ans: Improper use of Drugs may result in death.

Now, draw the poster : 

11. Sometimes two words of the same spelling may have different meanings. One is done for you:

Store – A large shop that sells different types of foods.

Store – to put something somewhere and keep it there to use later.

Now, write a word whose meaning is given below. Choose from the options given.

 – a sports event where people or teams compete against each other.

           – when two things are similar we say this word.

game          match         play

Ans: match

The Joy of Living SCERT, Assam Questions Answers

12. Let’s learn to talk. While someone is getting ready for school, we may say:

Wear your uniform.

Button your shirt.

Wear your shorts.

Wear your skirt.

Now tuck your shirt in.

Wear your socks.

Now wear your shoes.

Tie your shoelaces.

After someone comes back from school, we may say:

Take off your uniform.

Undo the buttons of your shirt.

Take off your shirt.

Take off your shoes.

Now take off your socks.

Now, make sentences using the following:

Wear: I always wear white shirt. 

Tuck: He always tuck my shirt in.

undo:  I wish I can undo all the wrongs things I have done.

take off: We should take off out shoes and slippers while entering temple.

tie: Tie your shoelaces.

button: Button your shirt properly. 

13. Arun is walking home from school. He bears a small girl crying. He looks here and there and finds her sitting near a big tree. Her arm is bleeding. Arun puts his fingers on her wrist. It is beating fast.

What should Arun do ? Should he:

– take the girl home ?

– Call an adult and ask him or her to help out ?

– Leave the girl alone and walk away ?

-nurse the girl and take her home ?

– give her first aid ?

Ans: Nurse the girl and take her home.

Work with your friend and share your ideas.

– Are you always ready to help others ?

Ans: Yes, I’m always ready to help others.

– How do you feel after helping someone ?

Ans: I will feel happy after helping someone.

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