Bird Talk

Bird Talk Question Answer Class 5 , Lesson 3

Bird Talk Class 5 , Lesson 3, English Assam

Name the following common birds:

Bird Talk

1) Sparrow = চড়ুই
2) Dove = ঘুঘু
3) Pigeon = পায়রা
4) Parrot= টিয়া
5) Crow = কাক
6) Peacock = ময়ুর

Let’s talk :

i) Do you think bird have families ?
তুমি কি ভাবো পাখির পরিবার আছে?
Ans:- Yes, Birds have families.

ii) Do you think birds can talk?
তুমি কি ভাবো পাখিরা কথা বলতে পারে?
Ans:- Yes, Birds can talk.

iii) Have you seen people flying in the sky like birds ? (তুমি কি দেখেছো মানুষ পাখির মতো আকাশে উড়ছে?)

Ans:- No, I can’t see people flying in the sky like birds.

iv) Do you think trees have a very special place in the lives of birds? Why and how?
তুমি কি ভাবো পাখিরা থাকার জন্য গাছই উপযুক্ত জায়গা? কেনো এবং কিভাবে ?

Ans: Yes, trees are very special place in the lives of birds. Because Trees give home, foods and Safety .

Let’s find out what the two birds Robin and jay are talking about.

Bird talk

‘Think…….’ said the Robin
থিংক সেইড দি রবিন
‘Think……..’ said the jay.
থিংক সেইড দি জয়
sitting in the garden
সিটিং ইন দি গারডেন
talking one day.
টকিং ওয়ান ডে

‘Think about people
থিংক এবাউট পিপুল
the way they grow:
দি ওয়ে দে গ্রো
they don’t have feathers
দে ডউন্ট হেভ ফেদারস
at all, you know.
এট অল ইউ ন।

They don’t eat beetles,
দে ডউন্ট ইট বিটেলস
they don’t grow wings,
দে ডউন্ট গ্ৰ’ ওয়িংস
they don’t like sitting
দে ডউন্ট লাইক সিটিং
on wires and things’.
অন ওয়ারেস এণ্ড থিংস

‘Think !’ said the robin,
থিং চেইড দি রবিন
‘Think !’ said the jay,
থিংক সেইড দি জয়
‘Aren’t people funny
আরনট পিপুল ফানি
to be that way?
টু বি দেট ওয়ে।

Aileen Fisher
আইলিন ফিসার


  1. Let’s see how much we have understood:

Write the rhyming words from the poem for the ones given below:

sink (ছিংক ) = Think থিংক
crow (ক্ৰ) = Grow গ্রো
swings (সুইং) = Wings উইংস
honey (হনি) = Funny ফানি

2. Write the answer of the following questions:
নিচে প্রশ্নগুলোর উত্তর দাও

a) Which birds are talking in the poem?

Ans:- Robin and Jay talking in the poem.

b) Who are they talking about ?

Ans:- They talking about people.

c) ” They do not have feathers at all” – who are ‘they’ here?

Ans:- ” They do not have feathers at all”. In this line, ‘they’ is referred to the people .

d) ” Birds eat beetles
They grow wings
They like sitting
on wires and things”- Who are ‘they’ here ?
Ans:- Here in this line ‘they’ referred to the birds.

e) Why, according to Robin and jay, are people funny?

Ans:- According to Robin and Jay people are funny because they do not
have feathers, wings. They don’t like sitting on wires and things.

3. Read the statements and arrange them in sequence to make the summary of the poem:

a) People don’t eat beetles. They don;t have wings either.
b) The robin and the jay thought people were funny to be like that.
c) One day the robin and the jay were sitting and talking in the garden.
d) They were talking about people, and that they don’t have feathers.


1- (c) One day the robin and the jay were sitting and talking in the garden.
2- (d) They were talking about people, and that they don’t have feathers.
3- (a) People don’t eat beetles. They don’t have wings either.
4- (b) The robin and the jay thought people were funny to be like that.

4. Let’s read the discussion:

Arun: Do you know Bina, in ancient times, birds used to carry letters? Then the postman came. He used to go from door to door to deliver letters.
Bina: Yes, they used to take so much pain to give us our letter But see! How the days have changed!
Bina: Yes, the computer is the most wonderful discovery modern times.

5. Let’s read a few words related to computers: Computer-

i) internet
ii) keyboard
iii) printer
iv) speaker
v) music
vi) games
vii) mouse
viii) typing
ix) email

6. Let’s read:
A keyboard is to type, a printer is to print.

A speaker is to sound, a mouse is to click.

7. Pinky and her mother are leaving for New Delhi tomorrow. Pinky sends an email to her sister Pihu who lives in New Delhi, asking her to receive them at the railway station. 


Subject :
 Our arrival time

Dear Pihuba,

We are reaching New Delhi tomorrow at 10.20 a.m. by the 12423 Rajdhani express. Please receive us at the railway station.
With Love.


8. Let’s read:

Pihu’s email address is
We write the email address in the address bar.
Pinky clicked the ‘Send’ button to send the Email.

9. Create an imaginary email address by writing your name of the space below:


10.  The Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony of your school will be held next Monday. Write an email to your friend requesting him/her to visit your school on that occasion.

Let’s read. These  are the steps to write an email to your friend: 


Subject : Invitation

Dear Aman,

On Monday , the annual prize distribution ceremony of our school is going to be held. I will be very glad if you visit our school. We will enjoy a lot.

a) Click ‘COMPOSE’
b) Enter your email address of your friend who should receive your message. 
c) Enter the subject of your message in the space beside the ‘Subject’.
d) Write your message in the space provided.
e) Now click ‘Send’.

11. Make words related to a computer, e-mails etc. to computer the grid:

Bird Talk

12. Tongue twisters.

Say these as fast as you can:

Blue birds below the bridge.
Six silly sheep still asleep.
Bipul blows big blue bubbles.

13. It’s riddle time:

a) Name the days of the week
that start with the letter ‘T’.

– Tuesday, Thursday.

What two keys can’t open any door?
A monkey and a Donkey.

14. Reading for pleasure:

It’s a hot summer day. The sun is shining bright. Everyone is feeling the heat. People are drinking coconut water, having ice cream and taking rest under the shade of a tree.

Two birds are sitting on the branch of a tree. They are very thirsty. They are unable to find water anywhere.

A little girl is standing under the tree and listening to their discussion. She is feeling sorry for them and is rushing back home to bring them a bowl of water. She brings a bowl of water and places it under the tree. The birds see the bowl of water and come down and refresh themselves with that water. They are very happy and fresh now. They thank the little girl for her kindness. She goes back happily and tells her mother about the incident. Mother is very happy to here that and appreciates her for her good deed. she tells her that people should always help other in need.

15. Match the words which have the same meaning:

Little = Small
Happy = Joyful, delighted
Need = Want
Help = assistance

16. Let’s read the following words aloud. In column B, when ‘h’ combines with ‘s’ it makes a new sound:

a) Sea – Sign
b) sip – soot
c) she – shine
d) ship – shoo

17. Here is a message Rimpi has written to Rikki on her mobile:

Rimpi is telling Riki about her plans for tomorrow. She is writing about what they will be doing during their holiday. Let’s read a few more sentences which talk about an action that is likely to take place later on or in the future. We use will/shall to describe such actions.

a) I will go to school tomorrow.
b) I shall visit the zoo next Sunday.
c) Rina will come to our home next week.
d) We will sing a chorus on our school Annual day.

18. Tomorrow is weekly market at beharbari Robin and his father will go there to sell vegetables. Let’s read what Robin is planning for tomorrow:

I am so happy that tomorrow I will be going to the weekly market with my father. I will wear the new shirt that I bought last month. I am very excited because we will carry our vegetables to the market in our new van. It will take an hour to reach the market, so we will start very early in the morning. I will help my father in selling the vegetables. My friends from the nearby villages will also come. I will buy toys for my sister. She will be very happy. While coming back I shall buy some sweets for my mother.

19. Rewrite the following sentences using “will” or “Shall”:

a ) We . sell our vegetables at the weekly market .
b ) We take our vegetables in our van .
c ) It takes an hour to reach the market .
d ) My friends also come to the weekly market .
e ) I buy toys for my sister .

20 . Let ‘ s talk :
Look at the pictures below and imagine what is going on. Sit in pairs and ask your friend a question and he/she will say the answer by looking at the picture. One is done for you as an example:

Student A: Why is the girl happy?
Student B: She is happy because she is wearing a beautiful frock.

21 . Let ‘ s talk . Discuss in pairs the differences between the pictures and make a list of the differences :

Now, tell a story to your friend based on the pictures. You may use the following words and phrases while telling the story.

One day, my friends, bought a sapling, digging a hole, planting, watering, flowers, goat, leaf, beautiful, rainbow, tall trees, cleaning eating.


Lesson 2 : The Joy of Helping

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