Someone – Poem

Someone Someone came knockingAt my wee, small door;Someone came knocking,I’m sure sure sure;I listened, I opened,I looked to left and right,But nought there was a -stirringIn the stil1, dark night; Only the busy beetleTap-tapping in the wall,Only from the forestThe screech-owl’s call,Only the cricket whistlingWhile the dewdrops fall,So I know not who can be knocking,At …

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Bird Talk

Bird Talk – Poem

Bird Talk ‘Think……. said the robin,‘Think……. said the jay,sitting in the gardentalking one day. ‘Think about peoplethe way they grow:they don’t have feathersat all, you know. They don’t eat beetles,they don’t grow wings,they don’t like sittingon wires and things’. ‘Think!’ said the robin‘Think!’ said the jay,‘Aren’t people funnyto be that way? Aileen Fisher Also Read …

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