Gunotsav Checked List

Gunotsav Checked List || The Registers & Data for Gunotsav

Checked list The Registers and Data to be Maintained at School Level for Gunotsav

The RTE Act, 2009 provides the Constitutional Right to Education to every child aged between 6 to 14 years thereby guaranteeing the Right to Elementary Education.Section 29 of the Right to Education Act, 2009 mandates that every child in India aged 6 to 14 years has the constitutional right to receive quality , inclusive and child friendly education. Drawing from the mandate of the Act, increased focus is being laid on quality education at elementary level which is the foundation of learning among children.

Gunotsav Checked List

1) SMC members- display in chart.
2) Mother Group Members-display in chart.

3) Students Govt.- display in chart
4) Disaster Manngement Plan (DMP).

5) School Development Plan (SDP).
6) Social Audit.

7) Water testing.
8) SMC proceding.

9) Chart on observational days- display in chart.
10) Photo album.

11) Teachers photo- display in chart.
12) Wall Magazine.

13) Library book registered.
14) Library book issued registered.

15) Cash Book of SSA, MDM etc.
16) Ledger of SSA, MDM elc.

17) Fund receipt Register of SSA & MDM etc.
18) Cheque issue Register.

19) Proceeding Register.
20) Stock Register.

21) Leave Register.
22) Fixed Assets Register.

23) Uptodate Pass book.
24) Expenditure vouchers in Guard file.

25) Guard File for letter received from DMO & BMO
26) T.L.M. Register.

27) Payment Register.
28) Audit Register.

29) Donation Register.
30) Updation of Evaluation Register.

31) Updation of Student Progress Card.
32) Inspection Register.

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