The Joy of Helping

The Joy of Helping – The Story

The Joy of Helping – The Story

The Joy of Helping

The school bell rang. Raju, Nita and Gita rushed to school as they were getting late. The morning assembly was about to begin. Somehow they managed to join the assembly.

At the end of the assembly, the headmaster announced: “I have something very important to tell you. We all know about the earthquake that occured yesterday. It destroyed many areas in our neighbouring districts. People have lost their homes and belongings. Many people have died and many have got injured. So, we must help these people, Please contribute whatever is possible for you. You can give food items – fresh or dry, water bottles, clothes, money, etc. Tomorrow, after morning assembly, we will collect your contributions and a team of teachers and students representing our school will go to the affected area and distribute these items among the earthquake victims.

During the lunch break Nita, Gita and Raju discussed what they would contribute:

Raju: I’d like to give food items like bread, biscuits and fruits.

Gita: That’s great. I will contribute some money and a carton of drinking water.

Nita: Please suggest what I should contribute.

Raju: Why don’t you bring some clothes? You can collect some Om your neighbours’ homes too. You can also collect some containers to store food. That will be of great help to the affected people.

Nita: Thanks a lot, Raju, for your suggestions. I will try to collect what you suggested.

Gita: Can any one help me bring the bottles of water? Or shall T ask the shop to deliver them to the school?

Raju: I think you can talk to the headmaster.

Next day at school, all the children and teachers assembled in the school playground with their contributions. The headmaster thanked all of them for their support. The goods van and a team of teachers and students then left for their destination.

In an hour they reached the earthquake affected place. They were very sad at the plight and misery of the people there. They distributed the things among the people. Every one was very grateful to the volunteers for their help. The team members felt very happy to have helped the people in distress.

Raju said to himself, “Helping people in need is a really wonderful feeling. The next time I see anyone in such a plight, I must try to help.

The Joy of Helping – The Story

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