The Stork and the Fox – Short Story

The Stork and the Fox – Short Story , Stork Fox

The Stork and the Fox – Short Story

Fox : Hello Mr. Stork. How are you ?

Stork : I’m fine . Thank you.

Fox : Would you come to my place for lunch tomorrow ?

Stork : Oh, yes ! That would be great.

The next day, the fox prepared a tasty meal and announced to the stork, “The meal is ready”. He served the meal on a beautiful plate and said , “Let’s start”.

The stork looked at the meal and said , ” My friend , I have a long beak. Will you please give me the food in a pot.”

The fox did not respond to the stork’s request and kept on eating his food.

The stork looked at his plate hungrily. He could not eat anything. He left the house of the fox, hungry and sad.

A few days later…….

Stork : Hello, how are you? Why Don’t you come to my house for dinner today?

Fox : I’m fine, thank you! I’ll be happy to come.

That evening the stork prepared a tasty meal. He served it in a pot with a long and thin neck. He then invited the for to have the food.

Stork : You are not eating properly. Aren’t you feeling well?

Fox : Oh. I’m fine. It’s only the pot. I can’t eat from the pot May I have a plate please?

The Stork did not respond. He kept on eating his food.

Now the fox remembered how he had treated the stork at his home. He realized the others treat you the way you treat them. He left the house of the stork sadly, having learnt his lesson.

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